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Launching A Statewide ANI Passing Impulse PPV System
By David A. Woodcock, Larry K. Moreland
Launching An ANI Passing Impulse PPV System
By David A. Woodcock, Centel Cable Television Co. of Michigan & Vi to Brugliera, Zenith Cable Products Division
ANI As A PPV Ordering Tool
By Jefferson Corbett and Glynda Caddell, Business Systems, Inc.
Distributed Processing Encoder for Pay Per View
By Larry K. Moreland, Zenith Electronics Corporat1on
ANI- Strategically Attractive But Can It Handle Impulse Pay-Per-View
By William A. Frezza, General Instrument Corporation
The Application Of National ANI To Pay-Per-View Ordering
By Thomas J. Neville, Viewer's Choice Matthew D. Miller, Viacom International
Pay-per-view (PPV) Copy Protection In The Cable System Environment
By Graham S. Stubbs, Executive Vice President, Eidak Corporation
Security Considerations for Impulse Pay-Per-View Systems
By Vito Brugliera, Richard Citta, Zenith Electronics Corp.
Alternative Pay-Per-View Technologies: A Load Capacity Analysis
By Shellie Rosser, Director, Corporate Accounts, Pioneer Communications of America, Inc.
Adaptive Digital Impulse Noise Reducer
By John P. Rossi, Intelvideo, Inc. and Thomas R. Jokerst, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
Comparative Study Of Hybrid-IPPV Implementations
By Semir Sirazi, Chip Bestler, Tom Rossen and Gordon Reichard, Jr., Zenith Electronics Corporation
Using Impulse Technology To Implement Home Shopping
By Nancy Kowalski, Jerrold Subscriber Systems Division General Instrument Corporation
Authoring System For Flexffile And Rapid Development Of On Screen Display (OSD) Applications
By Mohan K Mohankumar and David M Ihnat, Network Systems Group, Zenith Electronics Corporation
A Trial Of A National Pay-Per-View Ordering And Billing System
By Andrew F. Buller, AT&T Communications, Matthew D. Miller, Viacom International, Nancy Frank, CableData
A Channel Dependent Authorization Method For Pay-per-view And Impulse Pay-Per-View Services
By Thomas E. O'brien, General Instrument Corporation
Cable Television Opportunities In The Lodging Industry With Impulse Pay Per View Technology
By Lamar West, Staff Engineer, Scientific-Atlanta
CATV Channel Characterization for Digital Data Transmission Applications
By Steve Dehart and Richard Serafin, Philips Broadband Networks Inc., & Samir Hulyalkar and David Bryan, Philips Laboratories, & Larry Bennett, Hewlett Packard
Performance History In Two-way Cable Plants Utilizing A PSK Communication System
By Rich Citta, Gary Sgrignoli and Dennis Mutzabaugh, Zenith Electronics Corp
Application of 4K-QAM, LDPC and OFDM for Gbps Data Rates over HFC Plant
By David John Urban, Comcast
When Physical Layer Simulation Gets Real
By Ramya Narayanaswamy, Karthik Subramanya, Dr. Richard Prodan & Larry Wolcott, Comcast