Rethinking Customer Support: Proactive Customer Engagement (2019)

By Joe Keller & Sam Plant, Cox Communications

Multiple Service Operators (MSOs) traditionally interfaced with customers reactively. When experiencing service degradation, seeking education, or requesting new services, the customer’s only real recourse is to contact their service provider and attempt to describe their needs to agents who often struggle to provide resolutions sourced from a multitude of applications, data sets, and data sources. In the past, attempts to proactively interface with customers were stymied by a comprehensive lack of data understanding, by low data velocity, and by the cost-prohibitive nature of the operational and technological capabilities required to identify issues before they impact customer.

...But the industry and technology have changed.

Proactive Customer Engagement (PCE) represents a cultural shift in how Cox Communications interacts with our customers. Leveraging probabilistic models, higher velocity data, and cloud-based technologies, Cox Communications seeks to shift customer interactions from a reactive to a proactive stance.

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