Modernizing Cox Communication’s Access and Aggregation Network Infrastructure for Remote PHY Deployment (2021)

By Deependra Malla, Cox Communications Inc.

Like other Multi System Operators (MSOs) and Internet Service Provider (ISPs), Cox Communications needed to transform its access and aggregation network infrastructure to meet increased bandwidth demands and support next generations of multi-services. The evolution of Internet of Things (IOTs), increased usage of social media and video sharing platforms have drastically increased traffic volume putting lot of stress in the existing legacy outside plants and related access network infrastructures. The legacy cable plant relies on RF technologies and analog optics that are difficult to scale, expensive to maintain and not suited to meet demands for new and emerging digital technologies. This required Cox to modernize its access network infrastructures by implementing Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and going fiber deep to expand customer serviceability, increase bandwidth, and improve efficiency and performance of the access network. To enable the deployment of Distributed Access Architecture and related new technologies, Cox introduced a new packet switched access aggregation network called Converged Interconnect Networks(CIN) based on IPv6 routed technology to connect its headend with new access network.

Cox Communication has one of the largest deployments of Converged Interconnect Networks, Distributed Access Architecture and Remote PHY in North America that covers almost 40% of Cox’s footprint. Cox’s vision to design a standardized, elastically scalable, and future proof IPv6 routed network has enabled Cox to meet its immediate and future evolution of modern access network paving its path for Next Generation of DOCSIS technology

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