Digitizing the Customer Experience: Win Loyalty and Sell More with Last Mile Service Trackers (2018)

By Chris Ruff, Glympse

The cable industry has spent years solving for how to give customers waiting for an installation or service appointment better visibility and accurate information about when an appointment will start and end. This critical moment makes or breaks customer satisfaction. Today, operators are equipped to solve this last mile customer frustration problem with digital insight and accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions provided by customer-facing technician trackers.

Problem solved, but that doesn’t mean operators can afford to stop innovating. So, what’s next? Operators that provide last mile customer portals and technician trackers with the goal of reducing inbound calls and customer no shows have already built the foundation for deeper customer engagement and revenue generation. In the quest for transparency, they’ve created a captive audience that’s dialed in and paying close attention to a centralized web experience monitoring their technician’s location and ETA, much like ride sharing apps have spawned crowds of rapt travelers staring at their screens as they wait in the airport pickup zone.

This is an (often missed) opportunity to introduce new experiences into the customer journey. Not only that, but digital marketing spend is predicted to reach nearly $120 million annually in the U.S. by 2021.

With a large part of that spend made up of digital display and video advertising, web-based technician trackers are an untapped channel that could reap the rewards of the digital investment trend.

This paper presents ideas for transforming this customer engagement dead zone into a highly engaging and interactive customer touchpoint.

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