GIS A Success Story (2017)

By Erin Hayes, Midco

Our industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation that is evolving in the science of where and who our customers are. In order to begin this digital era within our outside plant data, Midco started by converting from an archaic AutoCAD/Lode environment to a GIS platform. The conversion to GIS technology allows Midco to fulfill customer serviceability inquiries more efficiently and optimizes network design for future customers. Midco was able to simultaneously convert to a GIS platform and bring coax design functionality in-house, resulting in lower design costs and faster design turnaround time.

For several years, Midco outsourced all system design, at significant cost, to perform these design and as built functions. Midco wanted to utilize an alternative method to design which would allow us to bring this functionality in-house. The structure enhanced facilitation of our core GIS fiber management system, through development of RF/AC Power Design, ICOMS Integration software and conversion.

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