Operational Transformation: Modernizing Field Operations (2019)

By Derek Strauss, Shaw Communications Inc.

Changing market demands require MSOs to deploy and operate smart, low-touch networks which leverage the constantly evolving tools, industry training and work processes. There is an increasing need for MSOs to modernize field resource activity to efficiently operate hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) networks and 4G LTE small cell deployments— while preparing field resources for emerging technologies such as distributed access architectures (DAA) and Full-Duplex DOCSIS (FDX).

This paper/presentation outlines the potential challenges and opportunities in modernizing field operations based on insights from Shaw Communications’ recent integration and deployment of single source geographic information systems (GIS), proactive network maintenance systems (PNM), a centralized workflow system, and a field service management system under one program.

Topics discussed will include efforts to support GIS data migration and upgrades, the process of PNM operationalization, amalgamation workflow activity into a singular system, the optimization of field management services, and essential operationalization and change management considerations.

Examples of tool migration challenges, operational improvements and setbacks, training considerations, and field technician engagement will highlight the topics that must be addressed for the industry to modernize field operations.

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