Operational Transformation Using GIS (2019)

By Derek Rieckmann, Midco

Through digital transformation of legacy mapping to a more spatially intelligent option, new methodologies have been implemented across the enterprise around activities like plant maintenance, extensions, and troubleshooting. Midco continues to enhance its geospatial architecture by integrating with other systems and, depending upon the data within the system, to drive processes through the rest of the organization. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are no longer just a system of record, but also becoming one of engagement and insight. Rather than simply reading data, it is the authoritative source for many data sets.

This paper focuses on how Midco is able to leverage GIS technology to help drive operational efficiencies and prioritize capital expenditures. We will discuss the path Midco took from using GIS to record network information with very specific use cases, to an enterprise level platform with over 80% of employees directly using web delivered services.

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