Technical Eye Opener: Practical Considerations For Terrestial Reception And Distribution (1976)

By Society Of Cable Television Engineers

The presentations and panel discussion outlined for this session will focus on the every-day considerations in the purchase, design, installation and operation of satellite fed earth stations. The participants on the panel will take the audience from initial planning through final installation, operation, and maintenance of the associated hardware. A discussion of design considerations relative to placement and positioning of satellites; a discussion of the interference considerations and licensing requirements; a discussion of site acquisition and costs; a discussion of the set-up and environmental considerations; a discussion of immediate and long-term uses; and a discussion of the operation, maintenance, and reliability of equipment and path, will collectively ensue from the inputs made by various panelists representing all of these various facets of the subject matter. A question and answer period closes the program. Technical papers will be available from several of the panelists.

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