Technical Eye Opener Workshop: Coping With 1977 Technical Standards (1974)

By Society of Cable Television Engineers

Technical standards mean different things to different people. The FCC's imposed standards are forever subject to modification determined, to a great extent, by the real life situations in CATV systems. Most recently, the timetable for implementing certain measurements was revised so that only minimal requirements need be met by a March 31, 1974, deadline, with provisions for more complex measurements in several tiers, and "full" compliance by 1977. This panel's charge is to relate the FCC's standards and state/local jurisdiction standards to what the public needs or wants. An attempt will also be made to translate technical standards of various jurisdictions into manpower, economic, material and hardware requirements to implement the standards as they are either required or desired.

Hopefully, some of the confusion surrounding multi-tiered standards and compliance will be cleared away.

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