Technical Eye Opener Workshop: The Receiver And The Cable (1975)

By Society of Cable Television Engineers

Television receivers on cable have special considerations dictated by their environment. Present day receivers accommodate some of these needs and as the cable television industry grows, the receiver manufacturing interests will take note of the more obvious requirements and incorporate them into their designs.

The time has come, however, to look long range and begin to sort out the problem areas between the cable entrepreneur, the broadcaster, receiver manufacturer and the user. Only then can we serve the public interest in its requirement to utilize receivers in both off-air and cable environments. The cable operators on the panel will point up some of the existing problem areas of the standard receiver with regards to adjacent channel handling, front-end overload, shielding, etc. The receiver manufacturers will address the statistical and engineering problems related to accommodating the peculiar needs of a cable receiver. The regulatory and control groups will be those oriented towards the public interest aspect of the consumer market.

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