Technical Eye Opener: Alpha Numerics And Non-standard Baseband Formats In Cable (1976)

By Society Of Cable Television Engineers

The use of alpha numerics on cable is already wide-spread and data transmission is close behind.

The purpose of this session is to shed some light on the hardware considerations in the application of non-standard baseband formats, such as alpha-numeric display, data, and other test signals, when imposed upon the composite parts that make up the total CATV system. The effect on the quality of the signals delivered, the behavior of receivers, modulator requirements, and the impact on other signal carriage by the system will be treated in some detail. In particular, time will be devoted to show how non-standard video formats must be processed and shaped to provide compatible visual and aural signals for the home TV set. A discussion of commercial data applications and the use of FM modulators on cable for high quality point-to-point transmission will also be included.

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