How to Cook a Duck: The Importance of M-Learning (2023)

By Fernando Durman, Telecom SA; Damián Aguilar Cogan, Telecom SA

Mobile technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, including the way we learn and perform everyday tasks. An example of this statement occurs in daily life in the cooking process: in this case due to the need to prepare a duck. Through mobile devices, we have access to a wide range of educational resources that not only teach us how to cook but also improve our culinary skills and transform the kitchen experience. Mobile learning allows us to access online cooking tutorials, detailed recipes, how-to videos, apps and interactive websites to become indispensable companions providing instant access to tips and tricks while preparing ingredients. They also offer commentary spaces for other amateur cooks, creating a collaborative learning environment. Thus, from preparing a simple duck to creating gourmet dishes, the availability of educational resources through mobile devices has redefined the way we approach cooking and gives us the opportunity to be continuous learners in this culinary art. Similarly, m-learning (mobile learning) has a significant impact on the work of a field technician, who are constantly on the move, performing maintenance, repair, and installation tasks at different locations. Access to real-time information allows technicians to access manuals, repair guides, video tutorials and other resources directly on their mobile devices while on the job site, thus solving problems on the spot, avoiding delays and improving efficiency. In complex or unfamiliar situations, technicians can search for solutions online, consult discussion forums, and access practical communities that can offer guidance and advice. Instant communication is another very useful tool. Key to reinforce concepts in the deployment of new technology and services, provide the solution to unforeseen situations that require rapid and massive action, help as a reminder of new work processes, and all other information of a massive nature that requires rapid or planned dissemination. Lastly and very importantly, it keeps continuous training alive by offering updates with the latest technologies and procedures through online courses, webinars and specific training materials. In short, mobile learning on the job offers a field technician an efficient and effective way to access information, improve skills, and communicate effectively, all while on the go to get the job done. This combination of technology and continuous learning can improve the quality of work and the satisfaction of both technicians and their customers. In this paper we will cover all the actions carried on Telecom Argentina with this purpose, that include the deployment of different tools and the creation of different contents/activities with the support of different frameworks and studies.

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