The New Home as a Hotspot (2018)

By J.R. Flesch & Charles Cheevers, ARRIS International plc

We have given customers a valuable resource – the home Wi-Fi hotspot – a well understood ‘inside out’ service. Is there an opportunity to use the Home for additional inside out services? We now can potentially add to Wi-Fi with CBRS LTE and LoRA services – leveraging the connection to the DOCSIS or Fiber network to provide in home and outside services. With the inclusion of a home cell containing CBRS and LTE, the service provider can build an inside out network targeting the emerging CBRS capable smart phone and NB-IOT devices.

This paper reviews the home architecture required to add CBRS and LoRA home cells to complement existing Wi-Fi hotspots and the software solutions to manage them. The paper further discusses the potential for adding LoRa to the home, as an inside out LoRa edge network, and how to build a comprehensive NB-IoT solution. The RF decisions around the deployment of this cell will also be discussed – 1 per home or 1 per X homes for more efficient initial coverage.

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