Converged Data Network Architecture (CDNA) (2005)

By Michael J. Emmendorfer

What is CDNA? First, CDNA is the migration of all services (Voice, Video, Data) both serving residential and commercial customers over a Common Network Architecture, including optical transport, Internet Protocol (IP) core, IP distribution, various IP/media access layer technologies (coax, fiber, or wireless). Second, CDNA is a methodology with the objective to reduce layers of the network by converging component functionality within the network elements, as well as increasing the remaining network functionality to support any service over any access layer technology. Third, CDNA is the convergence to a Virtual National Backbone using MPLS (Multi- Protocol Label Switching) technology. In summary, CDNA takes a holistic view of the network and has three fundamental principles: 1.) Convergence of Services over Common Network Architecture, 2.) Convergence of Network Layers (Reducing Network Elements and Increasing Service Functionality), 3.) Convergence to a Virtual Core Backbone using MPLS Technology This white paper will illustrate an overview to our Converged Data Network Architecture, including our evolutionary plans, and benefits as well as challenges to this target network architecture.

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