Abuse And Fraud Detection In High-Speed-Data Networks (2001)

By Pat Darisme, NARUS Inc.

As MSOs are increasing penetration of ‘always on’ high-speed-data (HSD) service, some zealous users are abusively taking advantage of this low-cost, high-powered flat rate service. Some MSOs are painstakingly finding users who are running small ISPs from behind their residential cable modem, using a NAT box to share a single IP between multiple systems, running residential or commercial web servers, spamming mail servers or newsgroups or performing malicious attacks on other users. These users are expensive both in terms of the network resources (network bandwidth, CPU cycles, hardware upgrades) and with the man hours consumed in identifying & dealing with these users. Most of these issues are likely to remain problems even with the advent of DOCSIS 1.1. This paper will explore various types of abuse and methods of dealing with them.

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