High-Speed Data Services And HFC Network Availability (1997)

By Esteban Sandino and Corinna Murphy, Engineering Technologist, Rogers Cablesystems Ltd.

The provisioning of high-speed data services over HFC cable networks demands a high degree of reliability from the physical transport infrastructure making maintenance of the network infrastructure essential. This maintenance requires defining and implementing procedures which ensure the tracking and subsequent prompt servicing of all physical network failures; and adherence to strict control procedures for scheduling these maintenance and repair activities during the times of lowest customer activity. This paper describes the network management activities performed by Rogers™ Cablesystems to support the delivery of Internet access services through its Rogers™ WAVE™ product offering. More specifically, it provides a close examination of the service availability statistics collected during the first year of Rogers™ WAVE™ service delivery with special emphasis on the primary causes of HFC network failures and their effect on service availability targets. Also, a look at the changes in the Rogers 'TM network management process now being implemented and their impact on service availability will be included. This paper is an update to an article submitted for publication in the January, 1997 issue of Communications Technology magazine. The article presents service statistics from January to October, 1996. The updated paper will include January to December, 1996 Rogers™ WAVE™ service availability statistics.

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