Using Service Call Measurement To Improve Operations (1985)

By Richard N. Clevenger, Cox Cable Communications, Inc.

This paper describes the implementation of a comprehensive, Company-wide program of service call reporting and measurement. This program provides uniformity in definition of causes of service calls as well as a measurement mechanism that provides for comparative performance ratings across all systems. The program is tailored for highlighting the causes of service deficiencies and provides the ideal mechanism for monitoring the effectiveness of corrective programs.

This comprehensive program has allowed for the accumulation of a highly-detailed historic data base. This data base is proving to be an invaluable tool in many ways. For example, decisions on purchases of new equipment are more easily made with the statistical knowledge of which manufacturer's products provide the best performance over time in a given operational environment. Staffing levels are now more accurately established based on predictable workloads. The best technical operations department structure for a given technology group in a given market is no longer a matter of conjecture.

Finally, the service call performance data base is analyzed against other parameters (e.g. customer satisfaction and operational expenses) allowing insight into the mechanics of providing the best possible service to our customers in the most cost effective manner.

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