Effective Fleet Management (1985)

By Stephen J. Johnson, U.A. Cablesystems of Michigan

With an average of one unit per 1200 subscribers, the Motor Vehicle Fleet has a significant impact on all cable operators' P and L. Acquisition and maintenance costs are on a continually escalating curve. Fuel costs, though currently at a low point, will be volatile through the foreseeable future. Vehicle down time will continue to idle expensive manpower. Are these controllable costs or is the operator held hostage by vehicle dealers, repair shops and OPEC?

The objective of this paper is to identify the factors which, when properly controlled, will help to minimize operation costs while maximizing the effective use of each vehicle. Analyses will be accomplished in the primary areas of Maintenance, Fuel Usage, Acquisition and Record Keeping. Procedures which have proven successful will be discussed along with suggested implementation plans. The understanding and techniques of effective fleet management will be beneficial to all cable operators regardless of size.

As has been stated, there are four primary areas to be addressed in a cost effective fleet management program. These are acquisition, maintenance, fuel and record keeping.

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