A New Approach To All-Digital Non-Duplication Switching (1971)

By Ronald S. Hymas, TeleMation, Inc.

The THP-1000 electronic programmer is designed to perform repetitive control functions such as CATV non-duplication switching when a schedule is repeated on a weekly basis. The programmer operates on the elapsed-time principal. This means that the stop and start times of each event are programmed by the operator, rather than occurring at arbitrary intervals as with pulse-time systems. This permits programming the start and stop of each event to each selected minute throughout the day.

Digital electronics are used in a unique manner in the 1MP- 1000 to provide the benefits of larger, more expensive programmers that rely on dis~, core, or tape storage, while maintaining a price competitive with the more limited pegboard programmers. Another important advantage of this design is in the elimination of moving parts which increases reliability.

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