A New Economic Coax Approach to MDU and Hotel Internet Access (2000)

By Jack Terry, coaXmedia, Inc

This paper presents a new, but DOCSIS-compliant, economic system approach for multi-dwelling unit (MDU), hotel, and university campus or hospital high-speed Internet access that operates effectively in existing in-building TV coax. The system offers plug and play end-user attachment without PC reconfiguration or installation of an Ethernet NIC card as multi-megabit Internet access is achieved through the use of the PC’s existing parallel or USB port. Within-MDU ingress interference is isolated from the main hybrid fiber-coax network and the system offers improved bandwidth management and efficiency, particularly in the upstream or return direction. The coaXmedia user interface consumes less than one tenth of the power of that of a Cable Modem thus making it easy to provide for lifeline services.

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