New Services: An Integrated Cable Networks's Approach (1982)

By Michel Dufresne, Videotron Communications LTEE

Over the years cable television systems have shown their growth capabilities by offering a widening range of new services. Several systems have expanded this way to meet the specific needs of viewers. The VIDACOM™ system described in this presentation is an integrated communications system based on broadband digital transmission. This system's design enables it to support a whole range of new services from which an individual viewer can elect to receive only those of personal interest. The numerous services offered include special information, inter-personal communications, transactions, video games and software, pay-television addressing and decoding functions, opinion polling, monitoring functions, as well as hybrid services combining video, audio and informations. The VIDACOM™ system is now being introduced by Videotron a major Canadian cable television system. A functional description of the system and its services follows.

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