Electronic Editing: The Ultimate Production Tool (1969)

By Matt Spinello

Electronic editing in the one-inch videotape format gives engineering technicians the professional capability of eliminating "dirty edits"; costly, time-consuming retakes; and the scraping of hour-long productions due to short segments of outdated material within previously taped productions.

Producer/directors employ the editing capability in the creation of multi-scene, involved productions. A single camera/recorder system employing electronic editing eliminates the need and expense for several cameras, operators, monitors, and control rooms normally required for a segment which might demand twenty various scenes spread throughout a taping location area.

Electronic editing, utilized in a present day CATV system gives the facility a full~fledged studio/control room/staff capability, at the expense of a single camera/recorder ·system, with a minimum staff of two: Producer/director/camera operator, and technician.

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