In Pursuit of the Dark NOC: Driving Change With Automation & AIOps (2020)

By Marcus Rebelo, Resolve Systems

Network operations have evolved radically in the wake of digital transformation – and the increasing infrastructure complexity that accompanied it. As communication service providers (CSPs) roll out and support next-generation technologies like NFV, SD-WAN, IPv6, 5G, and soon 6G, network engineers face a myriad of challenges and changes in their daily operations.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented additional challenges, such as new network traffic patterns and a shifting workforce and has put unprecedented pressure on network teams to safeguard business continuity, network security, and quality of service at all costs. Reliable and high-performing connectivity has truly never been more important, making the role of the NOC more critical than ever before.

This paper explores the future of network operations, examining where we are and what’s next. Drawing on real-world experience, the paper presents a blueprint for success when it comes to modernizing network operations. It also delves into the increasing role that automation and AI for IT Operations (AIOps) play in laying the foundation for the next-generation of NetOps, as well as how they are helping CSPs address current IT challenges including those stemming from COVID-19.

Becoming an “operator of the future” will require CSPs to maximize the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation in pursuit of the so-called “Dark NOC.” There are a number of actionable steps that teams can take today to achieve both quick wins and long-term success on the road to the Dark NOC and beyond.

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