Trends on the Role of Internet of Things Technology in Senior Care (2018)

By Bruce McLeod, Cox Communications

Demographic shifts in the United States project a rapidly aging population. The number of citizens aged 65 and above will exceed the number of children by 2030. Longer life spans, smaller families, relocation of working age children away from aging parents have all contributed to a burgeoning opportunity for targeted technology to fill growing gaps in care. When elderly become unable to live fully independently and in-home care options are limited, what options exist? Assisted Living is a growth business in response to this phenomenon. Remote diagnostic health management and telepresence are largely absent.

Residents generally lack technology savvy needed to avail themselves of such quality of life enhancing technology. This discussion explains specific proof of concept and test use cases to demonstrate benefits of IoT, Robotics/Telepresence, and AI in this emerging market. It pinpoints where and how Service Providers can deliver service packages to a growing industry.

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