An MSO Approach To Securing The ‘Internet Of Things’ (2015)

By Jim Poder, IOT Strategy and Innovation

As the Cable Industry prepares to support the onslaught of connected devices that make up the 'Internet of Things' we must consider our role in managing and securing the devices and services that appear on our networks and in our customer's homes. Traditionally the Cable Industry has provided these functions in other service areas through heavy specification, certification, and testing regimes, but in this new-world of devices that can not be the case. This paper describes how devices acquired through a variety of channels can successfully be managed and networks and services secured even without the traditional Cable model of specification, certification, and test. Through Device and service "fingerprinting" and taking an analytical approach to traffic monitoring, security can be delivered to the ‘Internet of Things' world. This paper also explores the rapidly evolving world of 'Internet of Things' standards and discusses their relative merits where it comes to enabling the MSO to provide management and security while enabling service.

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