Preventing Unwelcome Guests in Your Home: Securing IoT Devices Within the Home Network (2018)

By Dave Belt, Irdeto

With the explosion of IoT devices within the home network, new challenges are emerging for MVPDs from a device management perspective. In the traditional cable model, Operators had full control of the system from plant to device providing the ability to not only manage system security, but also the end user experience. With the emergence of the TVE experience, operators have slowly been accepting and eventually embracing the presence of COAM devices within the ecosystem.

Herein we will look at the devices and threats within the Home Network with the end goal of understanding these devices and their capabilities and enabling the creation of practical policies for their management. First, we will look at device management models and how this affects our control over their behaviour. Next, we will walk through the type of security capabilities that we expect within trusted devices. Finally, we will look at the types of threats that can occur within these device ecosystems and lay some guidelines for managing them.

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