Assuring Data Delivery from Critical IoT Devices: A Method to Create New Services and Mitigate Liability (2018)

By Michael Kloberdans & Shlomo Ovadia, Charter Communications

Internet of Things (IoT) devices enable Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data transmissions where a sensor or appliance (machine) at a subscriber’s residence collects and sends information to a different machine at another location, such as a mobile phone application, a gateway or even a data center. From that second machine, information is processed, made meaningful and available for human consumption. IoT devices mostly offer casual conveniences, such as changing the lighting color in the dining room or using voice commands to play a genre of music. Lately, a new class of IoT devices are emerging in homes and businesses that send critical and/or important messages such as personal healthcare data and industrial application data (e.g., factory temperature and pressure levels, etc.) to external processing or monitoring service providers.

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