Big Data – Web Originated Technology Meets Television (2014)

By Bhavan Gandhi and Sanjeev Mishra, ARRIS

The development of Big Data technologies was a result of the need to harness the ever-growing zettabytes of data created and consumed on the Internet. Web content, social networking, and user generated content in the form of blogs, images, and videos are just a few examples of the nature of unstructured data that don’t fit into the traditional relational database models (RDBMS). In a similar manner, the television eco-system is evolving beyond just the delivery of linear video content to the television. Video experiences are evolving into more complex systems that support delivery of linear and on-demand content on multiple portable devices, capable of local and network DVR, and even supporting targeted content recommendation and advertisement placement. Harnessing Big Data technologies from the Internet world and bringing it into the TV space allows for deeper understanding of user behavior and system performance. This paper provides an overview of Big Data Technologies, and it gives examples an architectural overview of how these technologies can be used in an operator’s eco-system.

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