Upstream 3.0: Cable’s Response To Web 2.0 (2011)

By Dr. Robert Howald and Phil Miguelez, Motorola Mobility

In this paper, we explore the implications of Upstream 3.0 and options for successfully delivering on these requirements. The two components to consider are optimizing the efficiency of available spectrum, and preparing an upstream migration plan that can support an aggressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Optimizing available spectrum includes utilizing key DOCSIS® 3.0 tools such as wideband 64-QAM, S-CDMA’s newest features, and pre-equalization.

Positioning the network for anticipated CAGR involves recognizing its implications on the upstream lifespan and developing a strategy to address these implications. As CAGR marches steadily ahead, operators are at risk of running out of capacity within the business planning horizon. In this discussion, we will focus on the ability to harvest new DOCSIS® 3.0 capable spectrum up to 85 MHz and subsequently beyond.We will quantify the potential upstream capacity, illustrate its ability to deliver on long-term growth projections, and describe the implications in the plant and in the home.We will describe steps to ensure that these gains are fully realized, and to guarantee that potential additional expansion is cost-effectively achievable. Finally, we will describe recent HFC and in-home environment measurements that can guide operators in implementing the migration

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