The Grown-up Potential Of A Teenage Phy (2012)

By Dr. Robert Howald, Robert Thompson, Dr. Amarildo Vieira, Motorola Mobility

In this paper, we will present a comprehensive link analysis addressing the deployment possibilities of these communications technology advances over the HFC channel. We will focus in particular on the ability to support higher order QAM, such as 1024-QAM through 4096-QAM. We will discuss the role multi-carrier techniques (OFDM) could play and why. We will specify SNR implications to HFC, including considerations for fiber deep migration. We will describe the SNR repercussions of advanced QAM to CPE noise figure (NF), which is critical to understand as wideband, digitizing front ends replace analog STB tuners. In addition, we will dive deeper into the subtle link impairments that become potentially limiting factors as we push the boundaries of PHY technology on the cable plant. Previously less significant issues such as timing jitter and phase noise are magnified as constellations become increasingly dense.

These items ultimately effect equipment requirements.

In summary, we will articulate and quantify the ability of the HFC network to support ever-increasing orders of bandwidth efficient modulation, and the impact these modern communications formats have on equipment and requirements.

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