Increasing MSO Advertising Revenues Through Management Of Ad Skipping (2009)

By Dan Holden, Comcast Media Center

New capabilities that allow customers to enhance their viewing experience, such as the ability to skip advertisements, can be disruptive to traditional business models.

However, these new functions also provide an occasion for the industry to seize market opportunities that are created by shifts in consumer behavior. Rather than seeking to defeat the customer’s desire to fast-forward through content that doesn’t respond to his or her personal interests, it is more effective to acknowledge that desire and present alternative content. Proactively responding to the consumers actions changes the traditional spot advertising approach and benefits consumers and advertisers alike.

This paper outlines a revolutionary approach for using new technology to present advertising to consumers. The innovative solution leverages the action of ad skipping as a catalyst for allowing advertisers, cable programming networks, and cable system operators to generate additional revenue that is currently lost as a result of ad skipping.

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