Scaling IP Advertising Using Manifest Manipulation (2019)

By Vipul Patel, Charter Communications; Xavier Denis, CommScope

Charter Communications has pioneered the development of streaming technology to augment their wide portfolio of advanced residential broadband services. One of the challenges Charter faced was to maintain a pristine customer entertainment experience while maximizing revenues through targeted advertising.

In order to effectively scale to millions of IP subscribers with billions of ad impressions, Charter undertook a major effort that included:

  • Evaluating and selecting between Server-side and Client-side Ad Insertion
  • Architecting a solution that can scale horizontally in a distributed environment
  • Designing for high availability and resiliency
  • Leveraging virtualization and cloud computing models
  • Optimizing routing and load distribution
  • Adapting to a diverse array of client platforms and Ad Decision Systems (ADSs)
  • Enhancing the platform to support robust monitoring and accurate metrics and analytics

This case study provides an insight into the analysis, implementation, and best practices for scaling IP advertising in a demanding Pay TV environment.

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