Next Generation VOD Asset Management Managing The Vod Chain End To End (2005)

By Chris Stasi

On Demand product has become a significant source of content to consumers but has only just begun to tap into its potential. As more and more content is accessed, stored and viewed in an ondemand environment, the requirements of asset management become exponentially greater. Systems will need to coordinate asset distribution from the time assets are exposed from a provider throughout their lifecycle, including distribution, ad insertion, streaming and financial reporting. One centralized system, managing content scheduling, offer creation, updates, distribution, tracking, metadata management, edge playout and wholesale reporting makes both MSO and provider VOD systems more efficient and scalable. This paper will present an asset management strategy for both MSO’s and providers covering the entire lifecycle of all pieces of the VOD architecture. • MSO asset tracking, updating and reporting • MSO headend management • Distribution management • Content Provider Asset Scheduling, tracking, updating

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