Approaches to Latency Management: Combining Hopby-Hop and End-to-End Networking (2020)

By Sebnem Ozer, Ph.D., Carl Klatsky, Dan Rice & John Chrostowski, Comcast

MSO networks that deliver services between the source and destination ends consist of multiple hops, i.e. different network segments. Customer experience is shaped by many Quality of Service (QoS) features that may be defined per hop-by-hop and end-to-end views. Traditionally, speed performance has been addressed as the main contribution to Quality of Experience in an MSO network. However, latency and jitter have a significant impact on many current and emerging services. MSOs have started modeling, monitoring and managing a more complete performance concept, including speed, latency, jitter, packet loss, security and reliability. The importance of this approach has been reiterated in lockstep with a significant increase in traffic volumes, across a very different mix of residential services, and because of a sudden pandemic, as MSOs who adopted this approach were successful supporting additional traffic volumes. This paper will describe current work on latency measurement, optimization and management platforms with hop-by-hop and end-to-end features. We will present current achievements and results for lower latency systems in the cable industry, and ongoing work on new optimization techniques and bigdata analytics. Architectural examples will be provided for a data-driven and knowledge-based converged access network with low latency service assurance and agility. Finally, we will discuss roadmap items MSOs may adopt to provide low latency services within their 10G initiative.

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