Nonlinear Distortions Distribution in HFC Networks (1996)

By T.C. Tsao, Arthur Yang, AT&T Taiwan Telecommunications, Co. Ltd.

This paper uses a new method to analyze the nonlinear distortions, CTB, CSO and CIN in the HFC Network.

Each carrier is treated as a vector, the amplitude, frequency and phase are set for each channel.

Both 550 MHz & 750 MHz all analog system and 750 MHz mixed analog and digital HFC system are analyzed. The level variations, random phase between channels and the output tilt of a real cable system are considered.

For the all analog systems, the distributions of CSO & CTB vs. tilt, the worst channels vs. tilt and the modulation effects are proposed. For HFC systems with mixed analog and digital signals, the CIN noise distribution vs. tilt and worst channels vs. tilt are proposed. This analysis provides some insight into the nonlinear distortions distribution in real cable systems.

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