IP Networking In HFC Broadband Network (2001)

By Oleh J. Sniezko, Xiaolin Lu, Luisa Murcia, AT&T Broadband

This paper describes the IP networking trends, the existing solutions, and possible evolutionary implementation of an integrated IP platform over hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) broadband telecommunication networks. Some of these implementations are analyzed based on the trials conducted and planned by AT&T Broadband. In the first phase of these trials, the IP network is designed to enable AT&T Broadband ChoiceSM (ABC) for our customers. It provides them with a choice of multiple ISPs while at the same time enabling IP telephony supported by a broadband telephony interface (BTI). The next phase of the planned trials will implement an end-to-end voice over IP (VoIP) solution. The ABC networking will be continuously optimized as more advanced routing equipment becomes available. The bulk of this paper concentrates on those technical aspects of the field test that relate to networking, design and performance. The authors list and describe the existing equipment used in the trial and analyze the challenges to bringing the service reliability and quality to a level equal to or better than is being provided by traditional telecommunications networks.

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