Home Co-ax Metamorphosis: From TV Distribution To Content Network (2006)

By Steve Jenkins,Stephen Beales, Pace Micro Technology plc

Signals being distributed through consumer premises often embark on an unpredictable journey through old cable with badly made extensions, low quality signal splitters and aging amplifiers. However, issues over cost, access to premises and liability hold operators back from upgrading home distributions to the same standard as their delivery networks.

This paper briefly recaps what a home network must provide from a home owner’s perspective. It is assumed that the home owner has an existing co-ax distribution connected to a CATV network, and now wants to upgrade it to a full bi-directional home network to carry TV, data and voice between the ever growing mass of home infotainment equipment.

A range of typical distribution components are characterised for home network use to determine their performance in the reverse direction and frequencies outside of their intended band of operation. The impact of some non-ideal installation techniques is also examined.

Downstream signals to CPE (consumer premises equipment) are shown not to require any special attention since the requirements are the same for legacy purposes. Upstream signals require special attention and predictions are made to show how data rates of 60Mb/s can be achieved without modification to a badly installed home distribution system, although in-line filters are required to protect legacy receivers from upstream signals.

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