Integrating Transportation Information Systems With Cable Communications (1980)

By Thomas J. Lowenhaupt, H.C.I. Inc.

There are numerous benefits that accrue to the cable operator, the subscribers, the transportation provider, and the local and national governments through the utilization of cable communications for transportation and traffic information dissemination, system management and control. Transportation information can be dispensed at the subscriber's home, at bus stops, major terminals, tourist, convention, and shopping areas, etc. The format and categories of information is determined after an evaluation of the transportation user needs, the cable and transportation system technology, the institutional and regulatory climate, and the funds available. The cable system can also be used to manage and control the transportation system, i.e., by control of traffic flow, computerized signalization, ramp access control, traffic advisory and vehicle locator systems, as well as for internal management data transmission and report generation.

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