Data Communications Via CATV Systems (1970)

By Thomas Chuang, Vilma, Inc.

The need for transmission of data and visual information over telephone networks has been growing very rapidly, especially in the last decade. In these telephone transmission systems the bandwidth being dealt with is usually 3 KHz for voice channels. Recently the introduction of Picturephones has created a requirement for a system with sufficient bandwidth to carry a 6. 3 megabits per second signal (1) over long distances for adequate picture resolution. The wide bandwidth available in cable TV systems is attractive for the application of digital communications with the potential of higher speed transmission capability and of more narrow band channels.

This paper describes a method for implementing market survey, alarm monitoring systems, and a method for facsimile system, with relatively inexpensive and simple techniques as a step toward utilizing two-way communications in CATV. These equipments will be of great service to market research organizations, to system operators! and to any industry which has branch offices or which requires to communicate with others within the distribution of the system.

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