Design Of The Local Origination Studio (1970)

By Larry E. Nelson, Century-Strand Inc.

Due to the recent rulings by the Federal Communications Commission, many CATV systems will now be required to provide local origination programming.

Because of these requirements, a studio facility to produce this programming must be provided. In many cases, a studio facility is already in use or is in the process of being converted from an existing facility.

In some instances, a complete studio must be designed and built from scratch. In order to either build a completely new studio or to convert an existing facility, there are many major areas which must be delt with. These areas of concern are such items as physical size, electrical power, and air conditioning from the construction stand point and fixture suspension, fixtures and dimming systems from the production standpoint.

Even though the end use of the studio is for production purposes, many engineering considerations must be studied so that the studio will truly function as an efficient production center.

The first areas of discussion will be concerned with the construction area of the studio design.

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