Graph Algorithms and Real-Time Telemetry for Intelligent Plant Operations (2023)

By Bob Lutz, Comcast; Matthew Stehman, Comcast

Real-time telemetry analysis has always been a core requirement for cable plant operators to detect customer-impacting events and dispatch the appropriate field teams. In the age of 10G networks, the cable plant’s margin for error is slimmer than ever to offer state-of-the-art technology to potential subscribers. Minimizing the time field technicians need to troubleshoot issues will be key to maintaining a high cadence for 10G node deployments and conversions. To this end, telemetry-based alerts should not only identify problems in the plant but should recommend potential solutions as well. We present an approach for combining node-level telemetry data and graph algorithms to help technicians resolve plant issues more efficiently and reduce mean time to repair. This approach has been successfully applied to use cases on the road to 10G, including distributed access architecture (DAA)-based 2G service deployments, streamlining demand maintenance with reduced truck rolls, and improving proactive maintenance by detecting likely network impairments. The algorithms involved have been field tested, incorporating technician feedback, and are now being integrated into production operations. This paper will highlight the importance and impact of combining network telemetry with plant topology to support the continued rollout of 10G.

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