The Power of YANG Configuration Templates (2022)

By Pawel Sowinski, Falcon V Systems

The paper outlines a framework that capitalizes on abstraction of repeatable patterns from the standardized YANG configuration models of RMDs with creation of configuration templates corresponding to the identified patterns. YANG-based configuration templates coupled with unique device attribute values maintained in a relational database allow automated systems to generate complete device configuration datasets enabling effective management of the configuration lifecycle, including software or service upgrades.

The framework provides benefits to Cable Operators by reducing the overall size of fundamental configuration data and by providing structure better suitable for automation. For example, a Cable Operator deploying thousands of RMDs may be able to reduce the footprint of their fundamental configuration dataset to just a few dozen YANG-based configuration templates and use predictable, automated system to dynamically generate full-formed, operational configuration datasets from these templates. The outcomes are in the form of modular, automated, and streamlined provisioning system with increased agility and reduced OPEX.

The paper outlines a YANG-based configuration template framework, based on FMA YANG models developed by CableLabs®, while providing several real-world examples of the benefits.

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