The impact of Remote PHY on Cable Service Convergence. (2016)

By Pawel Sowinski, Cisco Systems Inc.

The paper examines the technical and operational aspects of CCAP convergence starting with the analysis of the rationale for I-CCAP convergence. The authors explain how the original rationale can be optimally fulfilled in R-PHY architecture.

The paper reviews typical I-CCAP deployment scheme, new deployment scenarios enabled by R-PHY, R-PHY operational impact on service scaling, high availability and OSS systems. Finally, the paper provides recommendations for CCAP and post-CCAP planning and discusses which deployment scenarios are best suited to converged or diverged service delivery.

In summary, the paper debates the impact of R-PHY architecture, how the R-PHY technology establishes new trends and redefines the traditional meaning of CCAP convergence, and suggests the tactical approaches that best serve the needs of cable operators and their customers.

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