Up Your Up-Time with Automation: Outage Pre-Verify (2022)

By Kathy Fox, Joann Shumard; Comcast Cable

The goal of tooling automation in operations centers is to speed the identification of issues and translate them into the swiftest fix agent response. Efficient management of outage events relies on multiple layers of detection tools that provide critical information for operations centers to coordinate event management and resolution. Numerous operation centers rely on Lines of Questioning (LOQs) to walk agents through key troubleshooting points to create consistent outcomes for identifying the root cause of system events.

The opportunity to reduce triage time comes from integrating key event knowledge points and automating LOQs to streamline assessment and dispatch tactics. Outage Pre-Verify (OPV) is a tooling automation strategy that creates technology solutions to automate current operation center processes. Process automation requires in-depth linkage of available system status data, understanding outcomes expected from LOQs, tooling development strategy, process optimization, and the capability to transition people through system changes. OPV takes the technology outage telemetry and enhances operational center processes by reducing triage time, improving event response time, and optimizing fix agent resources.

This paper and presentation will review strategies for identifying automation opportunities in outage triage. It will discuss how to optimize effectively transitioning people and business processes to integrate new tooling automation. Authors Kathy Fox, VP of Product Management, Excellence in Operations Centers (XOC), and Joann Shumard, a VP of Engineering Operations at Comcast, are leaders in Shane Portfolio’s organization focusing on operational technology integration. They will detail the tooling transformation process and the impact on the user community. Emphasis will be given to effectively integrating automation change while simplifying the user experience and transforming operational processes.

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