Truth/Devil is in the Details: The Fusion of Design and Telemetry Information in Access Networks (2022)

By Matt Wichman, Venk Mutalik, Joann Shumard, Kathy Fox; Comcast

‘The Truth/Devil is in the Details” is a common saying referring to the mysterious or hidden elements knowable only with infinite parsing of all obtainable information. And truth be told there are many places where valuable information about a network as vast as Comcast’s resides. To obtain, visualize and correlate all these pieces of information requires innovation in hardware and software – in intersecting cycles that virtuously enhance each other.

Comcast serves tens of millions of residential customers and businesses. In our efforts to increase capacity and enhance reliability, Comcast has a host of hardware and software telemetry tools that monitor various factors that affect the performance of our network.

This paper will focus on ways we are taking advantage of our highly digitized network to automate wavelength management, speed up fiber event resolution, and enhance fiber construction. We will detail how real-time fiber management and auto-calibration of new fiber links are essential to maintaining complex networks and delivering exceptionally reliable services. We will also review how we are addressing fiber repairs. We all know that fiber outage events and wavelength management are significant industry challenges because we rely on multiple data sources and integration of the data for accurate records and expedient repair. We also rely on the identification of the location and distance of events to speed the arrival of repair agents. With our solution, learn how utilizing telemetry, multiple data sources, and innovative technology, a fiber event can be detected, assessed, and dispatched to an accurate location.

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