Reducing Investigation Time for Researchers, And Enabling Automated Configuration Updates by Digitizing Contextual Information (2022)

By Ajay Gavagal, Mehul Patel, Sinan Onder; Comcast Corporation

Contextual Information (CI) is an asset to every enterprise for its digitization to be achieved end-to-end. The digitization of contextual information and its changes can build a sustainable growth engine for development of new products and services. It can lower cost of software changes and lead to high productivity. To explore how we can achieve digitization of contextual information, in this paper we start with a scenario, explain the personnel involved, the kind of questions that get asked by these personnel, explain the problem that is in exchange of contextual information, and finally provide a possible solution for it. In this paper we also will explore the mechanics of contextual information and how it can benefit small or large use cases for data analysis and machine learning.

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