What It Takes to Automate Operations at Scale (2021)

By Dr. Sung-eun Kim & Richard Brown, Cox Communications, Inc.

Understanding the traffic consumption trend is one of the essential elements in network capacity planning. We have seen an exponential traffic growth for long periods and a huge step function increase during the COVID-19 pandemic period. In the first part of the paper, we present the historical traffic growth over the past years, especially emphasizing the impact of COVID shelter in place in various ways.

The next part of the paper, we will examine the ongoing analysis, innovation, strategic direction, and how all those factors and components materialize as actionable plans using our patent pending planning tools. We will also examine how our scalable suite of tools was a key driver in staying in front of COVID, as we were able to make fast decisions with near-real-time data in the ever-evolving early days of COVID-19 lockdowns in the United States.

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