The Path to 100 Gbps DAA Nodes: Analyzing DOCSIS Bandwidth and its Impact on the CIN (2021)

By John T Chapman, Cisco Systems

This white paper will look at DOCSIS bandwidth as it relates to a DAA (Distributed Access Architecture) node. Although similar to an Integrated CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System), there are some additional design considerations to be aware of. The first section looks at various design considerations. The second section then goes right into the bandwidth calculations.

Specifically, the following goals will be addressed with this white paper:

Network Design Considerations

  • Review channel and port differences between an integrated CMTS (I-CMTS) and a DAA node
  • Discuss a new concept of DS:US bandwidth ratio (DUCR) and peak versus average capacity

Bandwidth Studies of DAA Nodes and its CIN requirements

  • What is possible today (with some DOCSIS 3.1 and video)
  • What is possible with DOCSIS 3.1
  • What is possible with DOCSIS 4.0
  • What is possible after DOCSIS 4.0

This white paper will establish a set of metrics and then use them along with an extensive bandwidth analysis of DOCSIS to provide guidelines on what technology direction operators may decide to go.

All calculations are supported by a publicly available spreadsheet as show in Figure 20 by contacting the author. The numbers capture in the while paper are supportive of general conclusions. As time goes on, the spreadsheet may contain more exact bandwidth numbers for a given upstream and downstream channel configuration.

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