Full Duplex DOCSIS (2016)

By John T. Chapman and Hang Jin, Cisco

A method is proposed to use the same spectrum for simultaneous downstream and upstream transmission. This technique could allow a DOCSIS 3.1 plant to run at 10 Gbps downstream and 10 Gbps upstream in the same spectrum.

This technology would boost the upstream throughput by 50x what it is today without having to extend the maximum frequency of the plant. It will provide the ability to deploy true symmetric services.

This white paper will discuss the hardware and software technology of FDX. It will also discuss different deployment plans and options.

Cisco started working on a full duplex concept for DOCSIS in 2014. In early 2015, the FDX DOCSIS project received internal research funding from the Cisco Technology Fund. This white paper is a result of that work and is checkpoint half way though our project.

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