Turning On A Dime: The New Landscape Of Adult Learning (2021)

By Shiloh McCoy & Abbie O’Dell, Charter Communications

This quantitative study considers the perceived effectiveness of virtual training events from the learner perspective. Data considered as part of the study include post-training participant evaluations gathered through the learning management system (LMS) of a large telecommunications operator, for both pre and post-pandemic courses. Courses provided by eleven trainers from one geographic region were included as part of the study, and responses to evaluations were analyzed to identify whether a relationship exists between the trainers who received developmental training on adult learning theories and practices in the virtual classroom and participant perceptions of effectiveness. The findings indicate that participants have a more favorable perception of some elements of virtual training classes, when provided by instructors who have received additional training, and that instructors who have not received training receive lower scores in some categories. These findings indicate that adult learning theories and practices, if applied properly in the virtual classroom, create a learning experience that is just as effective as the traditional in-person classroom.

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